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Now were going REAL Symphonic - HELL YEAH

Now Since you guys haven't heard much from us lately we are happy to give you some good news! We are not sure under what circumstances our first full lentgh album should be released, but we have found some big help on the way. All the songs - old ones you might know and new ones which we are quit proud of - are ready for some time now, but there sometimes was this nagging thought in the back of most of our heads that we are a SYMPHONIC (well and progressive) metal band and that it just would be awsome to have a REAL orchestra playing along with us - to do the genre name some justice but as we are not Deep Purple (...yet ... haha) that would remain a wish for at least the second or the third album, but Victor Smolski and the Vlad Kovaliov studio in Minsk/Belarushad made it possible for us to have some REAL orchestral sound on our first album. We already had a sneak peak in the work and you cannot imagine how happy we are - IT SOUNDS AWSOME. A professional ensemble of strings played on all songs that require it - for nearly nothing if you count that they had to rent the studio and that there were over 20 musicians involved not counting the engineers and the musical director - All we can say is THANK YOU! We love it and we are pretty sure if that is your kind of music - you are going to love it as well.